Saturday, March 19, 2011


Turning 50 this month and aware of a wide variety of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, ‘rules to live by’ etc., that I wish I had known a long, long time ago (although I probably would not have wanted to hear nor could have understood at the time). 

So here goes (and not in any particular order):

1    Love yourself.  Love yourself madly, passionately, whole-heartedly.
2.     Everything and everyone is God. This is closely related to #1.
3.     Learn to perceive life from a variety of perspectives: physical, mental/emotional, soul and spirit.
4.     Be the best parent to yourself, providing loving, gentle discipline (self-discipline), including getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food – veggies before dessert, etc. – drinking lots of water and exercising consistently.
5.     The things that irk the most have hidden in them the greatest lessons, although often humbling and sometimes painful.
6.     Trust that life is unfolding just as it should.
7.     Your true friends will be there no matter what. (See #6).
8.     Gossip is hurtful and never a good idea.
9.     There is no “time out” from life and living well.
10. Know the difference between your thoughts/mind/intellect and your emotions/heart/feelings and consciously use both.
11. Trust your intuition.
12. The only true problem is stagnation, which is very different from stillness, as stillness is necessary for a peaceful life.
13. Notice beauty.
14. Figure out what you love to do and create and do it often.
15. You are of God, a Divine being. Everything you think, say, do, experience is of God. Act and live with conscious awareness of this Truth.
16. There is meaning in everything and it’s up to each of us to find the meaning.
17. Live in integrity – especially with yourself.
18. Be bold. Take risks.
19. Live beyond the good or bad opinion of others. What other people think of you truly doesn’t matter.
20. Recognize when you’re doing the same thing expecting a different result and – with huge compassion – try something else.
21. Dance often.
22. Make love often
23. Enjoy living sensually – good food, fine wine, surrounded by beauty.
24. We are all connected to each other and to Nature.
25. Play.
26. At every age, know what brings you joy and find a way to partake in that joy.
27. Be generous, with your time, talent, money, stuff. It is in giving that we receive.
28. Learn something new every day.
29. Remember the things you dreamed of being and doing as a child and either do them or do the essence of them.
30. Laugh often. Cry as often as you need to. (See #17).
31. Love yourself enough to be protective of yourself and your time.
32. There is always time for what’s most important to you.
33. Cherish true friendship.
34. Let the people that you love know that you love them, sometimes by saying so but more often by your actions.
35. Let go of all expectations of what you thought life was supposed to be and let life show you what it is.
36. Live what’s possible, not what’s probable.
37. Build on your passions.
38. Notice beauty – flowers, birdsong, wind, rain, sunrises, sunsets, grass, etc. and be grateful.
39. Give thanks for everything.
40. Ask questions.
41. Be open to true connections with every person you meet, whether  a cashier at the grocery store or a long-lost friend.
42. Communicate in person as much as possible, or by telephone, i.e, don’t hide behind texts and facebook, which are wonderful ways to keep in touch but not a replacement for the real thing.
43. Let go of things that no longer work – including relationships, jobs, ideas, beliefs, etc., etc.
44. Try new things often.
45. Be curious, as a child experiencing for the first time.
46. Don’t wait to do the things that are important or exciting or simply fun. Live now.
47. Be honest, especially with yourself, and impeccable with your word.
48. Pray, meditate, contemplate. Have a disciplined practice of connecting with God and make sure that it works for you, as opposed to being something you were told to do or feel you “should” do. Keep searching for your way of connecting with God until you find it and you’ll know you found it when it’s a visceral experience.
49. Live with love as your main purpose.
50. Age is only as important as you let it be.

So have I missed anything?

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  1. I love them all and especially #43:-) It was wonderful sharing a couple of special days with you. Your writing is lovely!