Monday, April 11, 2011


            I’ve decided to stay on holiday  - on vacation - for the rest of my life. I was out of town last week on vacation and decided that it is clearly a far better way to live.
            When I’m on vacation, I notice more. I become far more aware of my surroundings and of the weather. I notice beauty.  I notice how each day is different – some stormy, windy days and some calm, clear, sunny days. I notice the birds squawking and the trees and flowers. I become very aware of everything around me.
            When I’m on vacation, I allow myself to disconnect and relax. I kept forgetting where I had put my phone, which meant that I wasn’t checking email frequently and, amazingly, the world kept on spinning without my moment-to-moment attention.
            I was blessed on my vacation to be surrounded by people that I love. When I’m on vacation, I take the time to appreciate the time I’m spending with loved ones. I am far more appreciative of time itself and of all the details – the delicious coffee in the morning, the food at each meal – all the things that make life pleasant.
            Clearly, the wisest choice I could make is to stay on holiday forever!
            Although we usually use the word “vacation”, the word’s root is “to vacate”, implying freedom from something or leaving a place or activity or “formal suspension of activity” (  I want to live fully engaged in all of my activities. I definitely don’t ever want to retire. The word sounds, well, tired. In the word’s history it meant “to leave company and go to bed” ( Again, I want to live all of my days fully engaged.
            I’ve decided to stay on holiday: “holy day”. I want to be aware that each day is holy. Even if I’m not “on vacation”, I can notice more, take time to disconnect and relax and I can appreciate life itself, wherever I am and whatever I am doing – even if part of that time is in my office working.

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