Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Is A Fire Ceremony?

The Fire Ceremony is a ritual performed for healing and transformation and is one of the core traditions of the shaman. Any individual may participate. A stick is used to represent an issue that one is offering for change or clarity. The stick appears solid and unchangeable yet once it is offered to the flames, it is transformed into warmth and beautiful fire. Similarly, the issues we deem difficult – our old stories and limiting beliefs - can transform, especially when we are willing to acknowledge our own intuition and spiritual guidance that is always available. In our society especially we seem to forget the Divine support that is ever present. The Fire Ceremony can act as a reminder.

At the Fire Ceremony, we are invited to honor both our past experiences and the new that we are inviting into our lives.  We release the past with gratitude, for it is what has brought us to this present moment. We acknowledge the gifts of every experience.

Each person has the opportunity to offer his or her stick to the fire.  We can also be energetically fed by the fire by running our hands through the smoke and flames and drawing the energy into our bellies, hearts and forehead, our three main energy centers.

The Fire Ceremony takes place within Sacred Space, a space of safety and balance, and is typically held around the full or new moon (although a Fire Ceremony can take place at any time). Ideally the ceremony takes place outdoors so that we can easily connect to all the elements.  But it is one’s intention that creates the true power of ceremony and ritual, so that an indoor Fire Ceremony using a candle can be equally as effective and powerful.

The Fire Ceremony is also performed with the intention of healing the community and the Earth.  Another stick is passed around the circle of people present so that each can offer their prayers and blessings for the healing of the planet and the stick is offered to the fire.

Participating in a Fire Ceremony also creates an opportunity for community -  people gathered with the intention of healing – for themselves and the Earth.

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